5 Reasons Why Travel Insurance is a Must

You’ve planned that long-awaited vacation, how exciting – but sometimes things can unexpectedly happen and throw those plans off track. There are plenty of things that can occur between booking your flight and the day of travel, which is why travel insurance is so important.


The What-If’s of Planning a Vacation

People don’t often think of the things that can happen before a vacation kicks off, like:

  • What happens if you get sick?
  • What if you’ve suffered an injury?
  • What if those plans get cancelled?
  • What if you can’t find a sitter for the kids?

These are just a few of the things to consider when preparing for that getaway. While certain circumstances can be avoided, others (like the weather) are unpredictable. When planning your vacation, you need to ensure you get the right coverage for your travel insurance needs.

If you are seeking additional coverage, there may be some questions lingering in your mind.

To ensure you are worry-free during your vacation, it’s highly recommended that you look into purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance plan. If you’re not sure which plan is best for you, feel free to reach out to one of our experts at aha insurance!


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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Travel Insurance

You might think it’s unlikely that something will happen that disrupts your vacation. However, preparing for anything that comes your way will have you feeling better about any unexpected circumstances that could interrupt your trip.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in travel insurance.


1. Your Trip Gets Cancelled

No one wants to hear that their trip has been postponed or cancelled due to unforeseen events. Depending on where you are staying, some places may slap you with a penalty for cancelling a trip, especially at the last minute. Yikes!

If the company or host cancels your stay due to any circumstance, you may be left stranded to find another location if they do not offer to accommodate you. Did you know that some companies may have escape clauses to get out of giving you compensation other than a refund?

With the right travel insurance and coverage, a cancelled trip can be refunded back to you.

If a hotel cancels your booking for whatever reason, or a host cannot take you in, your travel insurance provider will find you accommodations so that you are not left without a place to stay.

It’s also essential to think about other situations that may impede your dream vacation.


2. You Get Sick or Injured During Your Trip

Becoming sick is one of the everyday situations in which a trip may be cancelled or halted. Even worse is when you become ill or injured in another country, which can be a frightening experience.

With travel insurance, you can potentially be reimbursed for missing your trip due to illness or injury. Travel insurance can also help cover your medical expenses should you have to go to the hospital.

This way, you and your loved ones can have peace of mind when travelling near or far and focus on your vacation.


3. Mother Nature and Weather Forecasts

Weather can put a damper on your vacation plans, especially when you’re trying to get away from it in the first place. Sometimes, Mother Nature can have other plans for us, especially during certain times of the year.

It is good to research what common weather conditions the location you are visiting can experience. Here are some weather conditions to look out for:

  • Monsoon Season
  • Hurricane Season
  • Flood Season
  • Heavy Rain Season

Flight cancellations are common under extreme weather circumstances, which can abruptly end your trip or leave you stranded.

Luckily if you have travel insurance that covers adverse weather, you will find yourself with a sunnier disposition.


4. Lost or Stolen Luggage

Luggage is lost more times than you might think. Whether it’s by airline, hotel, or transportation, it can take a long time to get your lost items back to you, if at all.

Did you know that you can guarantee reimbursement for any item or luggage that was stolen or lost while on your trip with the right travel insurance?

An insurance plan with Baggage Delay coverage can reimburse you if you need to purchase necessary items if your bags have been delayed.


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5. Fraudulent Charges to Your Account

It’s one of the biggest concerns while travelling abroad, but often people think, “This couldn’t possibly happen to me!” Unfortunately, it could happen to you! To avoid this situation, it is recommended you get ensured just in case.

If you’re on vacation in a foreign country and you start getting notifications that unauthorized charges are showing up on your account, there’s a problem. Not only are local authorities likely unable to help you, but your money is being stolen.

With fraud insurance, while travelling, this problem can be mitigated. Any money lost through stolen cards can be refunded for a particular duration before you report the incident. Knowing this, you can keep your peace of mind and enjoy the majority of your vacation.

With the proper research and travel insurance, you’ll find yourself stress-free and able to enjoy your vacation with the right coverage for your getaway.

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