Auto & fleet insurance

For when you take that show on the road.

Commercial auto insurance that works as hard as you do (well, almost).

Contractor insurance

Sole proprietor, consultant, or entrepreneur? Protect yourself with the right policy for your business vehicle.

Commercial fleet insurance

There’s a good chance your business owns more than one vehicle. Fleet insurance protects your whole host of vehicles at scale.

Insurance for transporting goods

Transporting valuables, equipment, or waste? Make sure you have the right insurance to protect your reputation.

Get a quote faster than you can say “professional fleet management.”

Well, not quite that fast, but still pretty fast. We’ll get back to you in a business day or two to confirm everything, then you’re all set!

The next-best thing to a crystal ball

We’re still working seeing into the future, but for now we just sell business insurance for those moments when you wish you could.

What is commercial auto insurance vs. personal auto insurance?

Commercial and auto insurance policies tend to cover the same kinds of damages to a vehicle, but commercial auto insurance covers a wider array of risks.

That’s because commercial vehicles tend to face a lot more exposure:

  • They’re on the road for much, much longer.
  • They may carry commercial goods or sensitive materials.
  • Business revenue depends on their survival and arrival, making them more financially valuable than the average personal vehicle.

What information do I need to get a business insurance quote?

Great question. We’ll be in touch to confirm everything, but it goes much faster if you have this information on hand:

  • Business name
  • Business type
  • Where you conduct business
  • Confirming whether or not you conduct business in the United States

Depending on the different types of business insurance you might use, it’s not a bad idea to have your monthly and annual revenue on hand as well—especially if you need business interruption insurance.

Do you offer nationwide commercial auto insurance?

As long as your business is based in Ontario, we can offer you commercial auto insurance coverage across Canada.

Most policies will allow you to buy coverage for driving in the United States as well, but it’s always a good idea to double-check if the coverage is indeed there on your policy.

How much is commercial auto insurance for Uber drivers?

Uber actually provides its own insurance for drivers. It only provides coverage when you’re waiting for a fare, driving toward a pickup point, or driving toward a destination.

That means you’ll still need a personal auto insurance policy to cover all of your personal driving, whether that’s commuting to work or popping into the grocery store.

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