Property insurance

Property insurance that covers your business assets.

Commercial auto insurance that works as hard as you do (well, almost).

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Commercial rent guarantee

Secure your rental income, and never miss a rent cheque from your business tenants by having the right coverage in the event of the unexpected.

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Commercial tenant insurance

Your place of business comes with it’s unique set of risks. Make sure you have the legal liability protection you need to cover you from any threats to your business.

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Equipment insurance

Protect your cash flow when mission-critical equipment breaks down or malfunctions on the job. Don’t let equipment dictate if your business thrives or just survives.

You can’t baby-proof you work space, but…

You can protect your business from the financial damages that come with lost tenants, workplace accidents, or when mission-critical equipment breaks down.

Insure your business to sidestep that risk and continue to grow.

The next-best thing to a crystal ball

We’re still working seeing into the future, but for now we just sell business insurance for those moments when you wish you could.

What is commercial property insurance?

Commercial property insurance protects you financially against unforeseen events occuring on or relating to your place of work (or your owned properties that generate revenue).

It differs from a regular home insurance policy mainly in two ways:

  • Generally, it protects a placee of business instead of a person’s home.
  • The coverage options are larger because work spaces are exposed to different risks on a daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis.

Commercial property insurance also places more of an emphasis on protecting a business’ revenue, whereas a personal property insurance policy usually emphasizes on rebuilding a structure if any damage should occur.

Do you offer premises liability insurance?

Definitely. This kind of policy protects your business from legal liability in the event that someone has an accident on your commercial premises.

Slippery floors, falling ladders, or anything else can happen. Don’t let it harm your business, though.

What does commercial property insurance cover?

Great question. While this can differ depending on the types of coverage, you can generally expect to find these kinds of protection on a commercial property insurance policy:

  • Premises liability insurance to protect you against workplace accidents.
  • Contents insurance to protect everything you own inside the work space.
  • Protection against physical damage to the work space itself.

There are other kinds of commercial property insurance available, but they’re not all just for tenants. For example, owners of commercial properties that lease space to other companies might want commercial rent guarantee insurance to protect their income if a tenant company goes under without warning.

What information do I need to get a business insurance quote?

Great question. We’ll be in touch to confirm everything, but it goes much faster if you have this information on hand:

  • Business name
  • Business type
  • Where you conduct business
  • Confirming whether or not you conduct business in the United States

Depending on the different types of business insnurance you might use, it’s not a bad idea to have your monthly and annual revenue on hand as well—especially if you need business interruption insurance.

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