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Pet insurance that loves you unconditionally.

Training dogs takes patience, but getting covered doesn’t.

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Accident and illness coverage for your fur child

We’ve partnered with Pets + Us to bring you dedicated pet insurance. Use the offer code “AHA” and choose your coverage.

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5% discount through aha insurance

Buying coverage with the offer code “AHA” automatically earns you a 5% discount on your policy with Pets + Us.

Only pay one deductible per year—not per incident.

Two incidents in one year? Complication from an operation? No problem. You only pay the deductible once, not twice.

Support from trained veterinary technicians

Our partnership with Pets + Us means that you get access to Blue Ribbon Benefits, including a 24/7 emergency support line with trained veterinary technicians on the other end. You also get access to the Pet Poison Helpline and a free subscription to Modern Dog or Modern Cat magazines.

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Whoever made insurance complicated probably never had a pet.

You won’t find any complicated industry jargon or legalese here.

We’ll always give it to you straight. That goes for everything—including pet coverage.

Q: When I get a quote I see "Pets + Us." What's up?

The folks at Pets + Us are our partners who specialize in pet insurance for cats and dogs. Getting a quote with them is fast and easy (we tried it ourselves—2 minutes, if you’re curious!). We love how they do things and wanted to offer it to our customers too. Use the code “AHA” to get 5% off your policy with them!

Q: Is my pet covered under my home insurance policy already?

Home insurance policies can cover pets, but more often than not you only get some personal liability coverage extended to cover your pet if it gets into a tussle with another animal, or something along those lines. You also need to tell your insurer about your dog up-front, or else you could encounter issues down the road.

Having a dedicated pet insurance policy covers liability, and (if you choose) it can cover a certain range of illness, hereditary conditions, accidents, and behavioural therapy.

Q: What if my pet bites someone and things escalate, legally?

This would be covered under your personal liability policy, as the fees and reparations involved with the coverage would have more to do with legal ground and medical costs for the person injured, not your pet.

Pet insurance covers the cost of medical fees if accidents or certain illnesses befall your fur child. Some options also provide coverage for costs related to emergencies or a sudden passing.

Q: I have an exotic pet, like a snake, bird, or a ferret. Do you cover that?

Unfortunately we’re unable to offer coverage for anything beyond dogs and cats at the moment. We will let you know the moment that changes, though!

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