Easy, affordable, and done for you in minutes.

aha insurance has teamed up with PolicyMe to bring you the best term life insurance rates in Canada, and you don’t need to sit in a single awkward meeting.

You don’t need a rosetta stone to understand our life insurance policies.

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Coverage in 15 minutes

Our partner PolicyMe covers you in 15 minutes flat, including the medical questionnaire. Spoilers: the rates are super affordable, too!

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Competitive rates

PolicyMe offers term life insurance policies that are 10% – 20% cheaper than the other guys. Welcome to the digital world of insurance, baby!

Easy approval. Easy to understand.

When you remove all the jargon, hassles, and unnecessary steps, all that’s left are great rates and a quick approval.

Your one-stop shop for online life insurance.

Life moves pretty fast these days. Neither the folks at aha insurance or at PolicyMe feel like spending hours to get a life insurance quote, and neither should you.

Get the most competitive term life insurance on the Canadian market the easy way:


  • No calls
  • No paperwork
  • No waiting
  • No hassle