Terms of Service

In case you’re into that sort of thing.

Terms of Service

In case you’re into that sort of thing.

Who this document is written for and how to read it

This Terms of Use is written for anyone who is viewing or using the aha insurance website. More importantly, it immediately applies to anyone viewing and using the website, and so anyone visiting the aha insurance website has, without limitation or qualification, agreed to the terms below. All people who visit and use the website will be referred to as customers throughout this Terms of Use. The aha insurance website is an interactive and multi-functional space, so the terms set out in this document are significant for all customers.

Customers using the website are expected to understand these terms and keep up to date with changes. Updated versions are logged at the bottom of the document. The aha insurance website includes creative materials in the form of writing, graphics, photography, video, and layout designs; it houses functional designs and the programming that makes possible its functional abilities; it provides the primary medium for communicating aha insurance’s products; and, finally, it’s the fullest representation of aha insurance – our business philosophies, goals, policies and unique identity in the insurance industry. Throughout this Terms of Use the word “website” and our business name – aha insurance – is always meant to be inclusive of every item listed in this paragraph.

Copyright law in Canada applies to any original works of creativity the moment it’s created, and aha insurance retains these rights to its website and all content aha insurance publishes. We use some content and website elements as part of a service purchased from a copyright holder, but the same copyright laws apply to customers regardless. One final note about reading this Terms of Use: any self-referencing language, such as “we”, “us”, or “our”, is referring to aha insurance.

Paying for products using the website’s self-serve options

The aha insurance website provides a self-serve option for purchasing insurance products. By using this option the customer agrees to all terms set-out in this paragraph regarding payment for their insurance products. ‘Premium payments are made either as monthly withdrawals from the customer’s bank account or credit card or as a single annual payment by credit card or the customer’s bank account.  A charge of $45 will be applied if a payment has been returned due to insufficient funds. In the event of a returned bank withdrawal, we may schedule a second withdrawal.

A returned or dishonoured deposit of the customer’s first instalment will result in termination of the policy. More than one payment on the customer’s policy may result in termination and affect the customer’s future insurability.  A method of guaranteed funds will only be accepted if a policy is pending cancellation for non-payment.

Security – aha insurance’s responsibility and the customer’s

Our Privacy Policy describes in detail our commitment to security and responsible use when creating, storing, sharing, and using records of customer’s personal information. Our commitment applies specifically to records of information we have created. We are not liable for anything that happens to the customer’s information while it’s on their computer, or while they’re sending it to us through email, internet connection, or phone connection. While aha insurance assumes responsibility for the security of records of customer information that we’ve created, we expect the customer to assume responsibility for the security of their wireless connections, computers, phones, and browser activity (specifically in the case of filling out our forms, which is an example of a time when malicious people or internet robots could obtain information by breaching the customer’s browser and internet security measures).

In short, we are not liable for loss, harm or damage that results from a customer viewing or using our website, and neither are our vendors, business partners, or any contracted persons or businesses that helped in building and running our website. When the customer views or uses our website, they agree to do so at their own risk.

Customer’s responsibility to providing accurate information

By using the website, the customer agrees to provide information to aha insurance with a full commitment to accuracy and honesty. This means the information the customer provides must be completely true and accurate unless an exception is stated on the website. An example of an exception is the field “Annual kms driven” in the auto-quote section, which allows for some error in the customer’s calculation, and simply asks for the customer’s best possible estimation. We retain the right to refuse services and products to a customer that fails to show a full commitment to accuracy and honesty when using the aha insurance website or when communicating with an aha insurance employee.   If aha insurance finds that a customer has provided false information we will exercise the authority to discontinue providing insurance services, to deny pay-out on a claim, and to take legal action against the customer.

Contact and updates

Thank you for reviewing this Terms of Use. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at talk2us@ahainsurance.ca or in writing to address in the footer of this document. The following is a log of updates to this Terms of Use: Coming soon


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How are we doing?