Liability insurance

For when those predictions don’t go exactly as planned.

Business liability insurance that works as hard as you do (well, almost).

Standard business liability insurance

Running a small business in Ontario, or just getting started? We have you covered with the basics to keep you on the safe side of that entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Professional liability insurance

Every business has its own unique set of risks. Focus on building your brand confidently knowing you have the right errors and omissions protection for your specific profession.

Product liability insurance

Cover your company from legal fees with insurance that covers manufacturing errors, design flaws, and even the fine print on warning labels.

Get a quote faster than you can say “business plan with a minimum viable product.”

Well, not quite that fast, but still pretty fast. We’ll get back to you in a business day or two to confirm everything, then you’re all set!

The next-best thing to a crystal ball

We’re still working seeing into the future, but for now we just sell business insurance for those moments when you wish you could.

What's the definition of business liability insurance?

Business liability insurance protects you and your business from the costs of any legal action that other companies or people may raise against you. This makes sure that your legal costs are covered up to a certain point, based on the coverage limits you choose. It differs from other types of insurance in its legal nature. It doesn’t protect your car or commercial property, which are two different area of business insurance.

What information do I need to get a business insurance quote?

Great question. We’ll be in touch to confirm everything, but it goes much faster if you have this information on hand:

  • Business name
  • Business type
  • Where you conduct business
  • Confirming whether or not you conduct business in the United States

Depending on the different types of business insnurance you might use, it’s not a bad idea to have your monthly and annual revenue on hand as well—especially if you need business interruption insurance.

How much is general liability insurance for small business?

This differs entirely based on your business and its circumstances:

  • What do you sell?
  • Where do you sell?
  • How many people do you employ, if any?
  • Do you conduct business in multiple provinces?
  • Do you conduct business in the United States, or elsewhere in the world?
  • What coverage options do you want?
  • How high will you set your policy limits?

All of those factors (and many others) affect the price you pay for your business liability insurance.

What about business interruption insurance?

Business interruption insurance is probably a good idea if you rely on partners, suppliers, or other kinds of vendors for mission-critical business operations.

Venue cancellations and equipment breakdowns happen, but platitudes don’t protect your income streams. Business interruption insurance will.

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Get a quote faster than you can say “business plan with a minimum viable product!”