Winter driving hacks everyone should master

Remaining vigilant while driving is a habit that every Ontario driver should adopt. During the winter season, this need becomes even more imperative as colder weather conditions lead to snow, ice, and an increase in skidding. To help reduce the chances of this type of dreadful experience, here are a few winter driving hacks to keep you and your insurance rates safe this season.

Account for subtle weather conditions

Driving with caution is something that all drivers should embrace. However, due to the change and severity in weather conditions during the winter season driving with care is necessary. It will not only save your life but also make winter highway driving safer for everyone else.

To ensure your safety, be aware of slippery roads and pay keen attention to parts of the road you are driving on. When changing lanes, be mindful of what is beside you and also ahead of you. Do not speed and be wary of black ice, as this form of ice can blend in with the road and cause skidding. Being aware of black ice is, on its own, one of the more underrated winter driving hacks that we can’t stress enough.

Slow down in advance when preparing to stop. This action will give your tires a chance to grip the road and help you to brake correctly. When turning corners, do so guardedly. Look out for ice patches, and be cautious of pedestrians, and other vehicles.



Don’t drive too closely to other cars

Driving too closely, or tailgating, is one of the most dangerous habits drivers can adopt after getting their winter driving training and earning their licenses. If following a vehicle shorter than one vehicle length or less than two seconds, drivers likely find themselves in a terrible situation should the driver in front stop unexpectedly. Such a circumstance leaves drivers with minimal time to brake safely.

During the winter season, slippery conditions on the road make it even more difficult to stop in time, as traction is limited. This is one of the most important winter driving hacks we can provide.

To avoid this, leave adequate space ahead of you while driving. Do not drive too closely, period. Leave enough room, about three vehicle lengths or six seconds or more of leeway, so that you can stop safely if the car ahead abruptly stops. This action will help to avoid a collision and enable drivers to assume more control on the road.

Be prepared for the unexpected

While driving during any season, it is always best to drive with the idea that the unexpected can occur at any time. This is the reality of driving and the leading reason why many individuals are encouraged to drive with care at all time.

This is so important for winter driving safety in general, even if everything seems fine on the road. Drivers are more susceptible to sliding, and the potential for accidents is heightened. Also, fallen tree limbs, not to mention limited clarity, can hinder drivers from seeing objects ahead of them. So, being completely aware and vigilant is pivotal.

It also never hurts to prepare with a roadside emergency kit, just in case.



Use winter tires, but still drive carefully

This is the easiest to implement out of all our winter driving hacks. Drivers are constantly reminded to invest in winter tires for their car. The reason for this is quite simple (aside from the discounts). Winter tires permit drivers more control as its flexibility, and deep treads enable it to grip the snow more efficiently. This added control can potentially save lives. It offers drivers more command in winter conditions.

The tips mentioned above are outlined simply to encourage drivers to drive with more caution. It is with great hopes that by adopting these practices, it will help drivers to be alert and better their driving experience during the winter.

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