Welcome to aha insurance

The Home and Auto Insurance Company That Puts You in Control

Let’s start at the beginning before there was an aha insurance.

Our CEO, Steve Livingstone, had been in the home and auto insurance industry for 25 years, and a while back he realized; he was old school.

Technology-wise anyway.

Pretty much everything else in the financial sector, like online banking that’s making dealing with bank branches and those long lines an inconvenient rarity, or apps like Wealthsimple for investing, that makes calling a broker so last century, insurance was letting down its most important asset – its customers.

So, he decided to do something about it. He started his own company, and with the help of Ignite Holdings, who has brought digital insurance to markets around the world, set about building the platform that would eventually become aha insurance.

It wasn’t easy. It turns out there was a very good reason why no one else was doing it – the complexity of the insurance in Canada, combined with the outdated existing infrastructure made it a long, and very expensive process.

What was he trying to build? A customized platform offering Ontarians a fully digital experience when it comes to their home and auto insurance… from quoting … to buying… to fulfilment… and ongoing sales and service needs.

He was creating an online insurance portal where the customers have complete control to do what they need whenever it’s convenient for them.

“Insurance hasn’t kept up with evolving consumer expectations and buying habits not just in retail now that there is an Amazon, but financial services as well. It was clear to me that the customer wasn’t getting what they need and no one in the marketplace was giving them what they need.”
Steve Livingstone – CEO, aha insurance

That is aha insurance, and we’re open for business.

So, how does it work exactly? Let’s go on what we call the “customer journey.” Traditionally, getting insurance for your new car or you home involved heading over to a brokerage, or filling out form after form online, to generate the information needed to build out a quote. Add on the required phone calls, the being put on hold, the callbacks, it took seemingly forever, and then, after all of that, there was the wait to see what insurance you were going to get. In other words, it was a time-consuming, inelegant pain in the butt.


Let’s say you’re in the dealership, and you’ve bought a new car. Nice! Congratulations! While you wait for the paperwork to be complete, pull out your phone and go to ahainsurance.ca. There we ask you for your contact info, your driver’s license number, some car and multiple-driver information, and that’s about it.

And you’re done.

And when we say, “you’re done,” we mean it. That aha insurance quote you get is the actual quote. Not some theoretical quote-like number that old-school insurers provide, that will change when you would have to call in  – because you have to talk to someone to get it all approved, (and almost invariably changed and probably not for the better for you).

Nope – the aha insurance quote is the actual quote, and you can buy your insurance right then and there with a simple click. A few seconds later, download the pink slip, and you’re good to drive off the lot with your new ride. (Looking good by the way.)

That is insurance as it should be. Insurance where you are in control – and control feels great.

Welcome to aha insurance.

Seriously, what else can you do in 3 minutes?

Boil half an egg?

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