Press release: aha insurance introduces online home insurance

Waterloo, Ontario, January 16th, 2017:  Ignite Insurance and Ignite Holdings are very proud to announce that aha insurance, the revolutionary digital insurance service, who earlier this year introduced their auto insurance service, is introducing online home insurance in the Ontario marketplace.

aha insurance provides a robust fully digital platform enabling Ontarians seeking home insurance the ability to get a quote, purchase and manage their home policies completely online, and on any device, whenever they want, wherever they are. The elegant and simple interface enables customers to operate on their own terms, at their own pace, seven days a week and 24 hours a day. Designed to be continuously optimized for the user, the experience is enhanced by a friendly and intuitive interactive way to ask and get any questions answered. Safe and secure, the aha insurance experience allows consumers to get an accurate home insurance quote and to purchase their new policy completely online, in just a few minutes.

Steve Livingstone, aha Insurance CEO said, “We continue to be passionate about offering solutions to our customers. These solutions, like our auto insurance and this new home insurance, are products and services, but they also continue to drive out this approach of giving control to our customers when it comes to managing their insurance needs, and to provide them with the help, the information and support they need to make great decisions as consumers.”

aha insurance backs up its promise of giving its customer complete control by providing omnichannel communication allowing them to move seamlessly from an online chat to call centre conversation with no repetition of information and no additional forms to fill out.

Tanya Peretti, aha insurance CMO said, “We strive to be empowering, consistent, transparent and effortless when it comes to Canadians getting and managing their own insurance. Those are the four pillars of the organization and the driving philosophy behind aha insurance and all that we do to put the customer in control because we know, control feels great.”

Please visit ahainsurance.ca today and follow us on Twitter @ahaInsuranceNow, Facebook and Instagram.


About aha insurance: aha insurance rejects the idea that insurance must be complicated, and uses their proprietary technology to make the insurance process simple for consumers to buy their insurance, make changes and manage their policies. aha insurance has partnered with the Zenith Insurance Company, a leading Canadian owned and operated personal insurance company and whose roots have been providing insurance peace of mind to Canadians for over 90 years. A trusted nationally licensed insurer Zenith offers innovative insurance products at competitive rates. Zenith policyholders receive excellent service and advice which results in a great customer experience.

Ignite Holdings is a specialist investor in financial services start-ups. It aims to stimulate growth in digitally-focused opportunities in fast-growing markets. Supporting incubation through to dynamic growth, its approach is to foster innovation and build strong, independent brands that answer consumer frustrations. Examples of recent digital insurance start-ups, backed by Ignite,  include roojai.com in Thailand, careline.com.tw in Taiwan and quicksure.com in China.

Contact: Tanya Peretti, Chief Marketing Officer
aha insurance
Phone (519) 340-1000

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