Tips for the best budget car rental experience in Canada

Millions of people visit Canada every year. Iconic Canadian cities like Vancouver and Toronto have tons of attractions and friendly locals. If you are trying to get out of the rat race of life for a while, planning your own trip to Canada is a good idea. As you start to plan out this vacation you need to figure out important factors like where you will stay and how you will get around.

If you want to avoid relying on public transportation while visiting Canada, then renting a vehicle from companies like Globe Car & Truck Rental are the way to go. If that’s part of the plan, then check out these helpful tips below.

Avoid the upsell

The individuals who work at car rental establishments are trained to upsell customers. When contacting these businesses, you will undoubtedly be offered a variety of additional features. Things like satellite radio, navigation systems, or roadside assistance may sound like essentials, but they really aren’t. Springing for these additional features will cost more, which is why you need to avoid them.

Using the features on your smartphone like Google Maps can help you navigate the roadways of Ontario with ease. There are also a number of GPS-based apps like Waze that can make navigating in unfamiliar territory. By sticking to the essential, you can reduce the overall price of renting a car while in Canada.

Book your car rental early

Waiting until the last minute to rent a car before embarking on your journey to Canada can cost you a lot of money. Most people fail to realize that car rental establishments have limited fleets. This means that during peak travel season you will have a hard time getting a quality rental for a decent price.

Young lady picking up her car rental at Pearson Airport in Toronto.

By booking your car rental well in advance you can rest assured you get the type of vehicle you want for a competitive price. 

Getting a package deal can save money

If you are booking a flight, a hotel room and a car rental for your trip to Canada, take some time to entertain package deals. Many companies offer package deals that include the price of your flight, lodging and rental car. The price of this package will vary based on when you will be traveling to Canada. 

Leverage the power of memberships

As you start to research the various car rentals in Canada, you need to find out more about the discounts being offered. There are a number of car rental companies that offer discounts to card-carrying members of AAA and other popular organizations.

Even if you aren’t currently a member of these organizations, you can always join. While you may have to pay for this privilege, it is usually worth it considering the perks offered—perks that save money on car rentals to avoid financial crunches.

Toronto's skyline as soon from Lake Ontario.

Renting economy cars is a wise move

One of the main things you need to figure out before renting a vehicle is what type of car you want. While renting an SUV is ideal, it is not always the most affordable option. If you are traveling with a smaller party then you need to think about renting an economy vehicle.

These cars are reliable; they just lack all of the features as luxury vehicles. Your main concern should be getting a vehicle that will get you from point A to point B. This is why settling for an affordable economy vehicle is such a good idea. Researching the various cars on the market will help you figure out which one is the right fit for your travel party size and budget.

Start your research sooner than later

Are you planning a trip to Canada soon? If so, now is the time to start the research and planning process. The earlier you start researching your car rental options, the easier it will be to get a great deal. Checking the reviews that a car rental company has is essential when trying to figure out whether to use them.

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