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Fast facts about auto insurance in Sudbury

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Understanding car insurance in Sudbury, Ontario

Sudbury is the largest city in northern Ontario and home to everyone’s favourite Canadian comedy show (sorry, Listowel!).

While winters are especially harsh, the city also has appealing car insurance rates that would make a lot of Torontonians drool. There just aren’t that many places to commute for work outside of the Greater Sudbury area, so residents don’t spend as much time on the road (exposing them to lower amounts of risk, statistically).

Unfortunately, the city does have a high collision rate. That’s more relevant to individual rates than the city’s average, but too many collisions can raise rates for everyone in the area.

One of the most important things to remember about car insurance in Sudbury is to invest in winter tires, to live as close to work as possible, and to avoid low-visibility intersections like Regent and Lorne (we’re serious about that one).

Get your bundle on & save!

Want even cheaper insurance? Save up to 50% on home and up to 18% on car insurance when you bundle them.

Get your bundle on & save!

Want even cheaper insurance? Save up to 50% on home and up to 18% on car insurance when you bundle them.

Busting myths about driving and insurance in Sudbury

Myth: You’ll have to move away for school or work.

Wrong. Sudbury is home to three post-secondary schools: Laurentian University, Cambrian College, and the University of Sudbury. Only Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo compare to that. The city is going through a transition to wean its economy off of factory work and toward more specialized fields with higher demand, like healthcare. Sudbury’s future is bright!

Myth: Sudbury isn’t safe to live.

This one made us laugh. Sudbury’s crime severity index is 84. That’s fairly high, but nowhere near “unsafe.” The most unsafe city in Canada has a crime severity index of 372, approximately 440% higher than Sudbury. Regina’s CSI is 117, Saskatoon’s is 127, and Vancouver’s is 109. Sudbury is doing pretty well, all things considered.

Myth: Sudbury drivers supposedly pay some of the highest rates in Ontario.

Our data says exactly the opposite. In fact, Sudbury’s rates are some of the lowest on average that we’ve seen. We have to put a big asterisk beside that point because a lot of personalized variables go into calculating a car insurance rate, such as personal driving history, claim histories in your area, and bundle discounts (to name a few).

Myth: Sudbury’s pollution can affect your car insurance rates negatively.

Wrong. First, medical conditions don’t represent your car insurance rate. Second, Sudbury has turned its environmental challenges around successfully. Sudbury’s lakes used to contain acid, and now many of them are healthy habitats again. The city has become the green jewel of northern Ontario.

How Sudbury’s rates compare to other cities in Ontario

  • North York: $4,261
  • Etobicoke: $4,199
  • Brampton: $4,071
  • Scarborough: $3,825
  • East York: $3,605
  • Woodbridge: $3,603
  • Richmond Hill: $3,579
  • Mississauga: $3,473
  • Markham: $3,389
  • Niagara Falls: $3,321
  • Bowmanville: $3,308
  • Peterborough: $3,259
  • Pickering: $ 3,245
  • Newmarket: $ 3,216
  • Hamilton: $3,201
  • Brantford: $ 3,158
  • Maple: $3,150
  • Whitby: $3,087
  • Ajax: $3,053
  • York: $2,999
  • Toronto: $2,983
  • Barrie: $2,924
  • Thornhill: $2,871
  • Waterloo: $2,867
  • Caledon: $2,780
  • London: $2,765
  • Fort Erie: $2,720
  • Oakville: $2,720
  • Sault Ste Marie: $ 2,713
  • Kitchener: $2,705
  • Milton: $2,680
  • St Catharines: $ 2,550
  • Windsor: $2,536
  • Woodstock: $2,513
  • Innisfil: $2,505
  • Burlington: $2,476
  • Kingston: $ 2,360
  • Cambridge: $2,297
  • Oshawa: $2,295
  • Guelph: $2,268
  • Gloucester: $2,256
  • Stoney Creek: $2,222
  • Nepean: $2,196
  • Ottawa: $2,195
  • Sudbury: $2,005
  • Kanata: $2,002
  • Thunder Bay: $1,973
  • Wasaga Beach: $1,958

Quick tips on insurance and driving in Sudbury

Good news: you probably won’t have to commute anywhere for work.

The amount of time you spend driving on the road dictates your exposure to risk, raising or lowering your car insurance rates in the process. 96.8% of Sudbury’s workforce commutes within the same area that it lives, so the city’s overall road exposure is pretty low.

That’s much better than the 2-3 hours most Torontonians spend commuting every day, and they have the high rates to prove it. Somebody get those boys a Puppers.

Avoid neighbourhoods with higher rates of reported crimes.

Even if you have a perfect driving record and a low-tech car that’s cheap to repair, it’s still possible that your rates could be higher than they need to be if you’re living in areas with higher-than-average reported crimes.

If it’s within your power, shoot for neighbourhoods like Riverside, Minnow Lake, New Sudbury, and the west end.

Avoid Sudbury’s most dangerous intersections. Your rates will thank you.

It’s common sense that more collisions are bound to happen at busy intersections with limited visibility. It’s also common sense to avoid those intersections like the plague, and Sudbury has a few of them:

  • Regent and Lorne (Killer’s Crossing)
  • Regent and Walford/Martindale
  • Cedar and Paris

Watch out for winter pot holes and invest in winter tires.

It’s no secret that winter gets pretty harsh this far north, and that makes snow tires a given. The good news is that you’ll get an insurance discount for using them in Ontario. What many of us don’t see coming is the damage that the frigid temperatures and salted roads can cause. That’s going to result in some pretty hefty repair bills if you’re not careful—even if you have a claims-free discount, one not-at-fault repair could take that off your policy through no fault of your own.

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