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Understanding car insurance in Oakville, Ontario

Oakville is one of Ontario’s wealthiest and safest communities.

Oakville is also one of the safest communities in Canada, not just Ontario. According to the 2018 Crime Severity Index, Halton scored as the safest overall region in the country, and Oakville is a big part of the region. Low crime rates play a subtantial role in reducing a community’s average car insurance rate. That is why Oakville’s auto premiums stay lower than many neighbouring communities, like Etobicoke, Hamilton, or Mississauga.

Oakville’s rates are still on the upper-middle part of the scale, and there’s a reason for that. It’s a bedroom community for Toronto, which means that many, many people commute back and forth on a daily basis. Like other commute-heavy regions (like North York), all of that extra time on the road increases the risk of collisions for individual drivers.

Oakville itself is framed by the 407 on its west end and the 403 running parallel to Lakeshore Road, both feeding the commuter traffic into Toronto.

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Busting myths about driving and insurance in Oakville

Myth: Oakville’s wealth attracts crime, driving up insurance rates.

Not true. According to Oakville News, the 2018 crime severity index ranked Halton as the safest region in Canada, not just Ontario.

If you’ve had misgivings about moving to the town due to its close proximity with Mississauga or Burlington, then we’d recommend thinking twice. Both cities are much safer than most people think!

Myth: Kerr Street is dangerous.

Not really, no. Oakville is one of the wealthiest communities in Ontario, skewing how affordable areas might be perceived. Kerr is safe to walk at night and serves as a good, affordable place for young professionals and familities to start out.

In fact, the Kerr Street Underpass Project is set to rejuvenate the area and broaden transit accessibility, making it even more enticing.

Myth: Car insurance is more expensive in Oakville because living costs are high.

False. While Oakville’s average car insurance rates are moderately high, they don’t rise or fall based on the cost of living or real estate prices.

Many cities throughout Ontario have lower costs of living and higher average car insurance rates because of things like collision rates, claims rates, and crime rates (to say nothing of personal driving records).

Myth: Your kids will need to move away for school.

Not necessarily. Sheridan College calls Oakville home, and it has a good reputation for animation and multimedia design, in particular.

Unfortunately, students often say that Oakville doesn’t offer much for them, citing under-developed public transit and establishments geared for middle-aged patrons.

How Oakville’s rates compare to other cities in Ontario

  • North York: $4,261
  • Etobicoke: $4,199
  • Brampton: $4,071
  • Scarborough: $3,825
  • Woodbridge: $3,603
  • Richmond Hill: $3,579
  • Mississauga: $3,474
  • Markham: $3,389
  • Hamilton: $3,201
  • Ajax: $3,053
  • York: $2,999
  • Toronto: $2,983
  • Barrie: $2,924
  • London: $2,765
  • Oakville: $2,720
  • Kitchener: $2,705
  • Windsor: $2,536
  • Burlington: $2,476
  • Gloucester: $2,256
  • Ottawa: $2,195

Quick tips on insurance and driving in Oakville

Take the train into Toronto to reduce your driving commute distance.

There’s a direct correlation between how far you travel every day and how much you pay in insurance premiums. If you’re commuting to Toronto regularly then you have a golden opportunity to reduce your car insurance rates! Take the train, which takes about 35 minutes to get to Union Station. Less time on the road means lower risk and lower rates (generally).

Move to areas with lower crime rates to improve your car insurance.

Oakville has areas with greater and fewer instances of crime than the rest of the city, just like anywhere else. The Halton Police’s crime map shows that these areas show higher crime rates:

  • Southern Holton Heights
  • East of Castle Green surrounding the QEW
  • Neighbourhoods between Rebecca and Kerr

Have your child take a G road test in another city.

Oakville has some of the highest drive test failure rates in Ontario. Specifically, Oakville’s Drive Test carries a 43% failure rate for road tests to obtain a G2 license and a 45% failure on G license road tests. Brampton and Etobicoke have similar rates, so it’s best to avoid those locations as well.

Fortunately you can travel to Burlington, Hamilton, and Guelph to find Drive Test locations with higher success rates between 25% and 40%, often in the low 30s.

Don’t drive through downtown Oakville if you need to commute.

Oakville’s downtown core has just recently undergone Phase 1 of its Road Revitalization Project, having reopened Lakeshore Road in mod-November (2019).

There’s still a lot of construction on the way, however. If you’re in the market for a house and need to commute outside of the town for the foreseeable future, then it might be best to avoid properties near downtown. 

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