How Do I Find Out My Previous Car Insurance?

Every vehicle owner in Alberta and Ontario needs to purchase an insurance policy that includes all mandatory coverages for their car by law. While some people have a good relationship with their insurance provider and remain customers for years, others enjoy finding cheaper premiums and switch insurance companies often. This can lead drivers to wonder: “How do I find out my previous car insurance records?”

Remembering which companies insured your vehicle and when those policies were in force can become tricky if you switch insurance companies often. Thankfully, there are several ways that you can find out your previous car insurance providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out who my previous auto insurance provider was?

You have several options to aid your search if you are trying to find out who your previous auto insurance provider was.

The easiest route is to track down old insurance policy documents. These documents will clearly state the insurer and how to contact them. Even if you tossed the insurance policy itself, be sure to check your glove compartment to see if you can find any old “pink” liability slips.

Many insurance companies have switched to electronic documents over the past few years. Look through your email accounts to see if any old emails might have attachments with policy documents or pink slips.

Suppose there is no trace of your insurance documents. In that case, you might be able to pull up old banking or credit card statements if you paid for your insurance in one lump sum or a monthly plan using this payment method. The insurer’s name and the amount paid will likely appear as a line item on these statements.

If you purchased your insurance through a licensed insurance broker, they would likely have records of your previous policies dating back at least seven years and often longer. Reach out to them to see if this may be a way to track down the missing information.

Finally, if all the above options don’t succeed, and you’re still wondering, “How do I find out my previous car insurance?” you can always order a copy of your insurance history report. We will cover insurance history reports in more detail below.

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How long are car insurance records kept?

Two major records used by Alberta and Ontario insurance companies can affect the underwriting and rating of your auto insurance policy.

The first record is your driving record or driving abstract. Your driving abstract is a document from your provincial government that includes your name, birth date, driver’s licence number, and any convictions on your record over 3, 5 or 10 years. Motor vehicle convictions include more common violations such as speeding tickets, failure to stop at a signed intersection, and improperly passing another car. They will also have more serious offences such as driving under the influence, careless driving, and stunt driving. Most insurance companies will use the three-year report to underwrite and rate a personal auto policy. However, they may pull more detailed reports under exceptional circumstances.

To order a copy of your Ontario driving record, you can complete an online form and pay the $12 fee to see your report immediately. There are also offline options, should you prefer to order a report by mail or fax or visit a ServiceOntario centre in person. In Alberta, you can also order a copy of your driving abstract online. Alberta also offers an offline option; however, it is more complicated than in Ontario and requires a notarized copy of the request.

The second document that insurance companies use to underwrite and rate an insurance policy is an insurance history report known as an AutoPlus report. This report is maintained by the technology company CGI. It contains a wealth of knowledge about your insurance history, vehicles insured, claims made and other information. CGI also provides a sample report on their website if you want to explore the information included in the report.

The CGI AutoPlus report presents data as far back as 25 years. However, most insurance companies do not use data that is that old. While each insurance company determines their own rules regarding using claims history to rate and underwrite policies, most will use 3-6 years of insurance history.

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How can I check my car insurance history?

There are many reasons why you may want to check your car insurance history:

  • Your insurance policy rating reflects an at-fault accident that you don’t recall experiencing or a traffic violation you have no memory of receiving.
  • To correct information that you believe to be false or inaccurate.
  • You’re leaving the province or country, and your new insurance provider wants to see proof of your insurance history.

Every vehicle owner has the right to order a copy of their insurance history report from CGI. It’s free and pretty easy to receive.

Where do I find my car insurance history in Ontario?

To order an Autoplus insurance history report, you have to download a copy of the Consumer Autoplus Request Form and send it by email or regular mail to the company. You will need to provide a clear scan or photocopy of the front and back of your provincial driver’s licence in addition to the request form to prove your identity.

If you submit your information by email, send the signed document and copies of your driver’s licence to helpdesk@cgi.com.

If you are sending the information by regular mail, forward the request package to:

CGI Technical Assistance Centre
5800 St-Denis, 7th floor
Montreal, PQ, H2S 3L5

By signing and submitting the request form, you’re requesting a report for yourself. However, you may need consent if you’re requesting information about someone else. Information on the CGI site provides the requirements for the most common scenarios.

If all the information is complete and accurate, you should receive the report by mail in 10 to 14 days.

Is there a database to search for car insurance policies?

As mentioned previously, CGI is responsible for gathering insurance policy history information from Canada’s insurance companies. In addition, CGI maintains a database as a tool to provide accurate insurance rates based on your auto coverage experience.

This database does not include the insurance policies themselves. Still, it contains much of the information about the policy, including vehicles insured, how the cars were used (business or pleasure), and any claims activity associated with the vehicles under your name.

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