Can You Get Same-Day Car Insurance?

In most cases, the insurance industry can provide a quote and issue car insurance policies swiftly. By working with an insurance professional, you can create the perfect car insurance policy that fits your specific needs, often within an hour (and sometimes even faster).

By gathering the necessary information on the new vehicle and the people driving it, you can discuss your coverage options and make payment arrangements with your insurance specialist. Then, once the coverage is set up, you will receive your temporary or permanent pink slips and proof of coverage either by mail, fax or email.

When it comes to car insurance, the details can sometimes be confusing, so make sure you speak to an insurance professional to discuss any specific questions about your coverage. But before you do that, perhaps we can help answer some of those questions. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about same-day car insurance.


Can you get car insurance in the same day: Frequently Asked Questions


How does same-day car insurance work?

Same-day car insurance is about as straightforward as it sounds. It’s car insurance you receive the same day as you apply for it, so you can be ready to drive your car. You select the coverage you need for your car insurance and receive your quote within minutes.

After agreeing to the quote, all that’s left is to make the required payment and your new policy will go into effect. Voilà, you should now be able to download your temporary pink slips to place inside your vehicle.

If you’re concerned about how long it can take for the coverage to kick in, don’t fret. We’re talking about same-day insurance, after all. If you’re starting a new policy, it can sometimes take an hour or even less.

However, if you’re adding on to an existing policy, it should only take mere minutes before it takes effect, and you can view it online. Easy peasy.

Who can get same-day car insurance?

If you find yourself in the process of purchasing a brand new vehicle and needing car insurance immediately, this is where same-day car insurance will save the day. Because of situations like these, almost anyone can get same-day car insurance coverage.

This is where online insurance companies, such as aha insurance, reign supreme. You can easily browse through and apply for same-day car insurance while sitting at the dealership and have it ready to go even before you are ready to drive your new vehicle off the lot.

However, remember that if you have a bit of a colourful driving history or recently moved, you may need to plan ahead for car insurance.

Here are a few reasons why you may not qualify for same-day car insurance:

  • You don’t have a permanent address
  • You are trying to insure a rare, unique or classic car
  • You are trying to insure a particularly expensive car
  • Your car is too heavily modified
  • You are missing information for the company to give you a proper quote
  • You have a poor driving record

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How can I get same-day car insurance?

The quickest way to get same-day car insurance is by buying it online. Below are the three main steps for insuring your vehicle with same-day coverage:

Get a quote — start with researching and comparing insurance rates between various insurance companies and then choose the best one that works for you. With aha insurance, you can receive your guaranteed car insurance quote in just three minutes, and we guarantee that the price we quote is the price you pay!

Choose your coverage — every car insurance policy has the minimum legal coverage, but you can add additional protection to increase your coverage limits.

Make payment arrangements — now that you know your car insurance rate, you decide whether you want to pay for your premium in one large lump sum or use a monthly payment plan. Once you’ve paid, your policy will be put into effect.

Bind coverage — there’s one final step before your policy takes effect. Your coverage needs to be “bound” by your insurance specialist once you are both happy with it. “Binding” just means that your coverage is approved and in force.

Typically you will obtain written confirmation explaining your car’s protection plan along with your temporary pink slips. You should expect to receive your new policy documents and permanent pink slips within a few weeks. Also, some companies can even issue permanent policy documents and pink slips immediately, thanks to our modern-day technology.

But first, there are several pieces of information you will need to have with you when applying online for car insurance so that the company can give you a proper estimated rate. To help make your application process even smoother, make sure you have the following information readily available before you begin:

With aha insurance, all you need is your driver’s license number to get a quote and finalize your same-day insurance. If you are purchasing a new vehicle or adding a new vehicle to your policy, you will also need the vehicle’s serial number, make and model. Beyond that, there are several pieces of information that go into determining your quote which you should understand- you may also need to provide some of this information when dealing with less streamlined insurance professionals.

  • Your personal information, including:
  • Your driver’s licence
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Marital status
  • Living situation
  • Additional driver(s) information: the more people you have operating your vehicle raises the likelihood of an accident occurring.
  • Year, make, and model of the vehicle: the older the vehicle is, the most often it will need repairs, and certain cars, like luxury vehicles, cost more to repair than others, such as economical vehicles.
  • Your vehicle identification number (VIN): if you don’t know your VIN, some insurance companies may allow you to use the year, make and model of your vehicle.
  • Driving history, including any:
  • Accidents
  • Speeding tickets
  • Claims
  • Licence suspensions
  • Driver’s course
  • Any other minor infractions
  • Date of purchase and expected mileage: how often you drive increases your likelihood of getting into an accident.
  • Insurance history: insurance companies can access data that includes things like your past insurance providers or policy cancellations on record.

Keep in mind that, even when applying online, some companies may require you to stop by one of their offices to finalize your application. However, when you partner with aha insurance, your whole same-day car insurance experience will remain online.


When is same-day car insurance not necessary?

You may be surprised to hear that same-day car insurance is not always necessary. If you already have car insurance and are looking to switch carriers or purchase a new vehicle soon, this gives you time in advance to search for insurance. Also, if you already have car insurance, many policies include coverage for a new vehicle for up to two weeks. Always check your insurance policy first to confirm you have this coverage.


Can you get same-day car insurance if you have poor credit?

Usually, but it does depend on a few factors. The primary change will depend on your location. In some areas, companies cannot even consider credit when calculating your premium, while in other locations, credit may directly affect your policy.

In Ontario, your credit rating is not used and does not apply to auto insurance.

In Alberta, if you have poor credit you may not be afforded a monthly payment plan on your policy, instead, you might be asked to pay your yearly premium up front

If you’re worried about getting approved for car insurance when you have poor credit, contact our team at aha insurance, or an insurance professional at your desired geographical location.

What does same-day insurance cover?

Every policy in Ontario has the same standard wording because the provincial government has strict control over auto insurance. As such, every car insurance company must use the same common language. Below you’ll find what same-day car insurance covers and the optional policies you can add on.

Mandatory in Ontario

It’s mandatory in Ontario that every vehicle on the road has a car insurance policy that includes these coverages:

  • Third-party liability
  • Statutory accident benefits
  • Direct compensation – property damage
  • Uninsured automobile coverage

Third-party liability coverage

This is the most important coverage in your policy, which is why it is mandated. This policy pays for lawsuits made against you should someone not in your vehicle be killed or injured or their property is damaged due to something you or a driver of your car did.

In Ontario, the minimum third-party liability amount you must purchase is $200,000. However, it is highly recommended that you consider purchasing additional coverage for up to $1 million or more. Nowadays, car insurance lawsuit decisions can exceed $1 million, and you would be required to pay out of pocket for whatever your policy doesn’t cover.

Statutory accident benefits

This policy will pay for supplemental medical costs not covered by OHIP if you or a passenger are hurt in a car accident. It also covers rehab, attendants and caregiver care and will help you financially if you are unable to work after the accident.

With statutory accident benefits, you receive coverage regardless of who was at fault. However, basic coverage may not be enough to cover you or a passenger after a serious accident. When choosing your coverage options, you may want to consider adding on enhanced accident benefits for maximum protection.

Direct compensation — property damage coverage

If you find yourself confused about what this policy means, you’re not alone. There are specific factors that must be met in order for this policy to take effect. We’ll break it down as best as we can.

If an accident is caused by someone else, the direct compensation — property damage policy will cover the cost of damage to your vehicle or its contents. For example, if you get into a fender-bender through no fault of yours, this policy will cover the repairs to your vehicle.

However, here’s what you need to understand first:

  • The accident must have happened in Ontario.
  • There must have been at least one other vehicle involved in the accident.
  • A licenced Ontario insurance company must insure at least one of the vehicles involved.

As such, the direct compensation — property damage policy will not protect you if no other cars were involved while on road trips outside of Ontario or if you’re involved in an accident with a car that’s from outside of Ontario. If it’s possible for you to find yourself in any of these situations, you may want to consider adding on additional collision coverage.

Uninsured automobile coverage

If you or your family are injured or killed by either a hit-and-run driver or an uninsured driver, this policy will step in. It also covers damage to your vehicle caused by an identified uninsured driver.

Optional insurance coverages

While there is your mandated car insurance coverage in Ontario, there are also several optional coverages you can get that can help protect you and your vehicle even more.

These include:

  • Collision or upset
  • Depreciation removal
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Non-owned automobile(s) and other coverages
  • And lots of other coverages and enhancements to the mandatory items

Collision or upset coverage

If you remember from above, the direct compensation — property damage policy only kicks in when you’re in a not-at-fault accident. This policy is for when the driver of the vehicle is at fault, such as if you hit a slick patch of road that causes your car to roll over or veer and hit a pole. This coverage will also repair or replace your vehicle if you hit another vehicle and you’re at fault.

Depreciation removal

The longer you own a vehicle, the more it decreases in value. When resolving an insurance claim, an adjustor will value your car when the accident happened and not when you first insured it. Therefore, when you’re submitting an insurance claim, having the optional depreciation removal coverage can guarantee you’ll receive the amount your car was worth when you first insured it by “locking in” its value.

However, keep in mind that this coverage is typically only available for 2 – 4 years depending on your insurer.

Comprehensive coverage

This policy pays for any damage done to your car when no one is driving it, such as:

  • Acts of vandalism
  • Falling tree branches
  • Flying objects
  • Hail
  • Baseball, golf ball, etc.
  • Deer or moose (a collision with these is classified as a flying object)
  • Or if your car is stolen

Non-owned automobile(s) and other coverages

This policy provides coverage for vehicles you drive but don’t own, such as a rental car or a friend or family member’s car you borrowed. This relatively expensive coverage is a must if you often rent or borrow cars. It provides third-party liability and accident benefits coverage should you or a passenger be injured. And it also gives you coverage should you be involved in an accident with an uninsured driver.

Other enhancements and additions

When considering car insurance, there are several other enhancements, coverage extensions and additions you will certainly want to consider. Check out the Ontario Financial Services Commission of Ontario to learn more about these extra options.

So, if you’re searching for a way to get quick, same-day car insurance, look no further than aha insurance.

From receiving a guaranteed quote in just three minutes to buying and managing your policy to making a claim, aha insurance is prepared to offer you all of the coverage you love with none of the insurance mumbo jumbo that clients hate. With our quick and easy online application process and affordable rates, we’re confident you will be satisfied with your same-day insurance policy.

Nevertheless, with so many options for car insurance available, it can be challenging to decide what exactly you need for your policy. Thus, if you want to speak to a representative, our fantastic aha car insurance professionals are always standing by and ready to help answer any questions!

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