Steve Livingstone


Steve brings almost 25 years of experience in the Canadian Home & Auto insurance marketplace (yes, he’s unsure whether to be proud of that statistic or frightened).

In the Great White North, few possess his diversity of expertise. From underwriting, to portfolio management, to operational roles, Steve’s path has gained him a familiarity with every facet of both brokerage operations and direct insurance operations. And on top of all that, he’s worked in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Waterloo, thus having the opportunity to wear Canadian tuxedos to condo dinner parties, West Coast potlucks, steakhouse feasts, and a really big Oktoberfest. Steve’s expertise is focused on driving change and developing unique and innovative ways to package and distribute insurance, and some have even referred to him as Canada’s most interesting man (which unfortunately does not rank someone very high on the global scale).

Besides bringing his mad parallel parking skills to the team, Steve is responsible for helping drive its strategic direction, develop and manage key partnerships, support the development and execution of the value proposition, and lead the team in rhythmic gymnastics routines (OK, we may have made that one up).