Tracy Banderob

Vice-President, Strategic Initivatives 

Tracy is a dynamic, energetic and passionate leader who speaks two languages fluently – technology and business. A strategic thinker who is able to act as a conduit in transitioning business strategy to operational and technical roadmaps while meeting demanding project objectives on time and within budget, Tracy has a rare mix of technical competence, business knowledge, leadership and financial expertise with strong commitment to high quality and customer service. She brings energy and passion to everything she does, not always quietly. Did we mention she is very serious about getting things done but likes to have fun? That laugh – you won’t soon forget it. 

Tracy takes on challenges eagerly – like buying a sailboat with her husband and making their first voyage a small one – from the North side of Manitoulin Island to the North-Eastern end of Lake Erie…at the beginning of May! Brrrr 

Tracy will be the bridge across the teams, ensuring focus is on the customer, the strategic roadmap and the plan…oh, yes, the Plan.