Khari Gaynor

Vice-President, Sales and Marketing

One of Khari’s best friends once referred to him as Chandler Bing (in a good way he thinks hopes), and he took that as a not so subtle jab at his personality and what he actually does for a living. He’s certainly not your typical “insurance geek” although he’s worked in the industry for over 15 years. Yes, he knows his stuff when it comes to insurance, but it’s certainly not the only thing that makes him tick. When he was a child he wanted to make red gym socks become the norm because he thought standard white socks were just plain boring. He wasn’t successful in that endeavor, but hats off to him for trying. And while the rest of the neighborhood kids were planning to set-up lemonade stands, he was busy perfecting a recipe for “grapefruit-ade” (truth be told – he thought that was the fastest way to get rid of the grapefruits at home so his mom wouldn’t make him eat them anymore). 

Fast forward a few decades and you can still see Khari staying true to his desire to challenge the status quo. Khari loves taking different approaches in business, especially when things have never been done before. He’s guilty of being an innovator and creative to the core. He enjoys building businesses, brands, and products – always considering the world of the consumer first. That’s his passion. He’s been able to successfully merge the world’s of his arguably overactive creative right brain, with his extremely numerically inclined left brain. And to sum him all up, this results in a pretty dynamic character who’s attempts at making jokes are sometimes funnier than the jokes themselves.