Kathryn Sinclair

Chief Operating Officer

Kathryn has over 15 years of insurance experience, you are probably thinking that means she started in grade school, and yes that is an excellent guess. Leading and supporting organizations across all facets of operations, Kathryn’s expertise is in ensuring a seamless and effortless experience for our customers. She always has her ducks in a row but is quick to react when the goose gets out of line. 

Kathryn leads by creating a collaborative and positive working environment, this is often accomplished alone but sometimes it is best to engage others. By developing and executing on strategy, Kathryn has been an integral part of accelerating company growth. She understands the value of building a successful team; not only does it produce the best results but it also allows you to easily blame others when initiatives go wrong. She loves technology, as it has the ability to save time and make tasks effortless, the only draw back being all the passwords you have to remember. Her tip, have your password be ‘incorrect’. So whenever you forget what it is, the computer will say “Your password is incorrect”. 

Kathryn will be leading the operations at Ignite, from first contact to renewal touchpoint, she and her team will be supporting our clients when they need us.

How are we doing?

How are we doing?