Insurance savings ideas for couples and newlyweds

Marriage can be such a beautiful thing. But it also can be a challenge to work through when it comes to talking about money. Finances will change once you have a life partner, making getting a steady insurance plan all the more important whether for your house or car. How to find insurance savings and budget ideas for couples is one of the most common questions we get, so we wanted to answer them here.

Financial planning for newly married couples doesn’t need to become a mountain. Just follow these steps to start things on the right foot.

Bundling insurance is one of the easiest budget ideas for couples

Getting married means you’ll be sharing a lot of things with your partner, including a vehicle. Having a joint insurance plan can help you and your spouse save money over time. If you both have vehicles, then that’s even better, as deciding to insure your cars together could enable you to multi-car discounts or garaging discounts. You can switch your partner’s car to your insurance policy or look for a good rate on both your vehicles at once.

Doing this could result in a significant drop in your insurance bill for your vehicles, with some companies reducing that bill by up to 25%. However, that’s assuming both people have clean driving records. Get quotes separately and then together to confirm that your rates will actually be lowered together before committing to a joint plan.

Jump the broom on good home insurance

You and your partner could both be swept off your feet by improved home insurance rates once you’ve moved in together. Contents coverage tends to rise when people move in together because both people bring their own stuff, so getting appropriate coverage shouldn’t be overlooked. Once you’re under one roof, there’s only a need for one policy and that shared homeowner’s policy could open you up to some nice discounts for your home and car too.

You can increase your coverage and potentially save more by having one home insurance policy.

The gift that keeps on giving

Chances are good that once you’ve had your bridal shower and wedding reception, you’ll be getting a lot of gifts. Some of those gifts could be expensive or fragile, including:

  1. kitchen sets
  2. vases
  3. antiques
  4. dishware
  5. wine glasses
  6. art

Plus, there’s that small matter of those sparkling wedding rings you exchanged on the day itself. All these new valuables require additional coverage, but getting joint insurance will make your coverage dollars go farther than if you had two separate policies.

Plus, if you have gotten new furniture or a television, making sure you update your homeowner’s policy to fit these needs represent reasonable costs to protect yourself. It’s still one roof, and a lot of what you have will be shared, so explore all options to ensure all your belongings are covered.

Money doesn’t have to cause a fuss in your marriage, since there are so many benefits from joining your policies just as well as you joined hands on your wedding day. Pop your questions to aha insurance today so we can help you plan your financial future!

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