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Car Insurance Markham FAQ

Is car insurance mandatory in Markham?

Yes, car insurance is compulsory in Markham, Ontario, as it is throughout Canada. To legally operate a vehicle on public roads in Markham, motorists must have a minimum level of car insurance coverage, which includes third-party liability coverage, accident benefits coverage, direct compensation-property damage (DCPD) coverage, and uninsured motorist coverage.

Third-party liability coverage is essential as it provides financial protection if you are at fault in an accident and are responsible for causing injury or property damage to others. Accident benefits coverage offers medical and rehabilitation benefits for injuries sustained in a car accident, regardless of fault. DCPD coverage applies when you are involved in an accident where another driver is at fault, and it covers the damage to your vehicle. Uninsured motorist coverage safeguards you in case you are involved in an accident with an uninsured or hit-and-run driver.

To comply with the law and drive legally in Markham, you must have the mandatory minimum car insurance coverage in place at all times when operating a motor vehicle.

What type of car insurance does aha insurance offer in Markham?

Here at aha insurance, we provide a comprehensive range of car insurance options in Markham, catering to the diverse needs of drivers in the area. Whether you’re a new driver looking for basic coverage or a seasoned motorist seeking extensive protection, aha insurance offers various policies to suit your specific requirements. With our commitment to delivering personalized and cost-effective solutions, we find the residents of Markham the right car insurance coverage to safeguard themselves and their vehicles on the roads.

Mandatory coverage

In Ontario, car insurance requirements include the following mandatory obligations:

Third-party liability coverage

In Markham, this coverage refers to the crucial coverage required by the province’s law. Liability coverage provides financial protection if you are deemed responsible for an accident that causes injury or property damage to others. It covers the expenses for the damages and injuries suffered by others up to the minimum coverage limit of $200,000 but does not include coverage for your own injuries or property damage. 

Direct Compensation-Property Damage (DC-PD) Coverage

DC-PD coverage is a crucial element of car insurance, specifically applicable when your vehicle sustains damage in an accident caused by another party. With DC-PD coverage, you have the advantage of receiving compensation directly from your insurance provider, eliminating the need to pursue a claim against the at-fault driver. This streamlined process offers convenience and efficiency, making it easier to repair or replace your vehicle without unnecessary delays. With DC-PD coverage in Markham, you can drive with a sense of security, knowing that your vehicle is adequately protected in the event of an accident caused by another party. 

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage is a compulsory part of car insurance that provides protection in the event of an accident with an uninsured, underinsured, or hit-and-run driver. This coverage ensures that you are safeguarded when the responsible driver lacks sufficient insurance to cover your injuries or damages. In such scenarios, uninsured motorist coverage steps in to compensate for your losses, including medical expenses, vehicle repairs, and related costs. Having this coverage in Markham gives you the assurance of driving confidently, knowing that you are financially safeguarded in case you come across an uninsured or underinsured driver on the road.

Accident Benefits Coverage

Accident benefits coverage in Markham is an essential element of car insurance that supports individuals injured in a car accident. This coverage includes various benefits such as medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, income replacement, and other related expenses resulting from an accident. With accident benefits coverage, residents of Markham can receive the necessary financial assistance and resources to aid in their recovery and cover the costs associated with their injuries. This coverage guarantees that individuals impacted by car accidents in Markham have the necessary assistance to reconstruct their lives following an unfortunate incident on the road.

Optional coverage

Moreover, there are various optional coverage options for car insurance, which comprise:

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage is an elective extension to your auto insurance policy that protects against non-collision events like theft, vandalism, and damage from weather-related incidents. It covers the expenses for repairing or replacing your vehicle up to its current market value after you pay the deductible. This type of coverage holds particular importance for individuals residing in regions susceptible to such incidents or owning high-value vehicles. However, it’s crucial to weigh the costs against the potential benefits based on your unique circumstances. Seeking guidance from an insurance agent can assist you in making an informed choice that aligns with your specific needs.

Collision coverage

Collision coverage is another elective option that offers financial security for your vehicle in case of an accident, regardless of who is at fault. It covers the expenses for damages up to your vehicle’s current market value minus the deductible you have selected. This type of coverage is especially valuable for high-value vehicles or those with existing car loans. However, for older vehicles with lower market values, it’s essential to evaluate if the cost of collision coverage justifies the potential benefits. Seeking advice from an insurance agent can assist you in determining the most appropriate coverage based on factors like your vehicle’s value, driving habits, and budget.

Specified Perils Coverage

Specified perils coverage is an optional form of auto insurance that provides targeted protection against a predefined list of risks specified in your policy. These risks typically include specific perils like fire, theft, hail, lightning, and other hazards explicitly mentioned in the policy. By choosing specified perils coverage, you receive insurance against damages resulting from the perils explicitly outlined in the policy, though coverage for damages caused by other perils may not be included.

All Perils Coverage

All perils coverage is a comprehensive and extensive type of auto insurance that combines collision and comprehensive coverage. By opting for all perils coverage, unless specifically excluded in the policy, you receive protection against a broad array of risks, such as collisions, theft, fire, vandalism, and various other perils. This coverage offers a more comprehensive and all-encompassing level of protection for your vehicle.

What is the most affordable area for car insurance in Markham?

The L6C region in Markham is considered the most affordable area for car insurance. This area encompasses Major Mackenzie Drive East to 16th Avenue and McCowan Road to Highway 404. Insurance premiums can vary significantly based on location due to factors such as traffic patterns, crime rates, and accident frequency. In the L6C region, the combination of these factors likely contributes to lower insurance costs than other areas in Markham.

Drivers residing in the L6C region may benefit from more competitive car insurance rates, but it’s essential to remember that insurance premiums can also be influenced by individual factors such as driving history, age, and the type of vehicle being insured. While the L6C region may be the most affordable area on average, it’s always a good idea to compare quotes from multiple insurance providers to find the best and most personalized car insurance coverage for your specific needs.

Who regulates car insurance rates in Markham?

Car insurance rates in Markham, as well as in all of Ontario, are under the regulation of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA). This governmental entity is responsible for supervising and controlling various financial service sectors within the province, including the insurance industry. Their main objective is to ensure that insurance companies adhere to the prescribed rules and guidelines while determining rates and offering insurance coverage to consumers. By overseeing these processes, the FSRA aims to safeguard the interests of consumers and maintain a fair and transparent insurance market.

The FSRA’s responsibilities encompass evaluating and sanctioning rate adjustments suggested by insurance companies to guarantee their fairness and justification. Their goal is to shield consumers from overly high premiums and ensure insurers comply with the regulations established by the provincial government. By regulating car insurance rates in Markham, the FSRA strives to balance offering affordable coverage to consumers and enabling insurance companies to maintain financial stability and meet their claim obligations.


How much is car insurance in Markham on average?

In Markham, Ontario, the price of car insurance can fluctuate based on various elements, such as the driver’s age, driving history, vehicle type, and selected coverage levels. Based on available data, the average annual cost of car insurance in Markham is around $3,389. Nevertheless, it is crucial to recognize that this figure represents an average, and individual rates can significantly differ. Factors specific to each driver’s situation and the insurance provider they choose can result in higher or lower premiums than the average.

To obtain a more precise assessment of car insurance costs in Markham, it is advisable to gather quotes from several insurance providers and compare their rates and coverage options. This approach will enable you to identify insurance plans that align with your specific requirements and circumstances. To streamline the process and save both time and money, consider reaching out to aha insurance and collaborating with an insurance broker. They can efficiently compare quotes from reputable insurance companies on your behalf, making the selection process easier and more convenient.

How do I get the best car insurance in Markham?

Compare Multiple Quotes

Request quotes from multiple insurance providers, including both large companies and smaller regional insurers. Take the time to compare their rates, coverage options, and deductibles. Look for companies that offer the best value for your specific needs.

Utilize an Insurance Broker

Working with an independent insurance broker can be beneficial, as they have access to multiple insurance companies and can help you navigate the complexities of insurance policies. The “best” car insurance can vary from person to person, so having an insurance broker tailor your policy to your specific situation is highly recommended. They can provide personalized advice and find the best coverage options for you.

Assess Your Coverage Needs

Understand the level of coverage required by law in Markham, as well as your personal needs. Consider factors such as your car’s value, driving habits, and financial situation. Determine whether you need additional coverage options beyond the mandatory minimum.

Check for Discounts

Many insurance companies offer various discounts that can significantly reduce your premiums. Inquire about safe driver discounts, multi-vehicle discounts, bundling home and auto insurance, good student discounts (for young drivers), and discounts for safety features like anti-theft devices and anti-lock brakes.

Consider Usage-Based Insurance

Usage-based insurance programs, such as telematics-based policies, track your driving habits and mileage. If you are a safe driver with low mileage, enrolling in such a program could lead to personalized discounts based on your actual driving behaviour.

Maintain a Good Driving Record

A clean driving history is one of the most effective ways to lower insurance premiums. Avoid accidents, speeding tickets, and other traffic violations to demonstrate that you are a responsible driver.

Review Customer Reviews and Ratings

Look up customer reviews and ratings for the insurance providers you are considering. A company’s reputation for customer service, claim handling, and overall satisfaction is crucial.

Avoid Over-Insuring

While adequate coverage is essential, only purchase what you need, as it may lead to unnecessary expenses. Analyze your risks and potential liabilities to select the appropriate coverage levels.

Review Your Policy Annually

As life circumstances change, your insurance needs may also evolve. Review your policy annually or when significant life events occur, such as buying a new car, moving, or getting married. This ensures that your coverage remains up-to-date and provides the best value for your money.

How does mileage impact my auto insurance rate?

In Markham, mileage can significantly impact your auto insurance rate, especially if you are one of the many residents who have a long daily commute from Markham to, say, downtown Toronto, Mississauga, or perhaps Oshawa. Insurance companies consider the number of miles you drive annually as a crucial factor in assessing risk and determining premiums. Here’s how mileage affects your auto insurance rate:

Commuting Distance

The longer your daily commute throughout the GTA, the more time you spend on the road, increasing your exposure to potential accidents and hazards. Insurance companies may view long commutes as a higher risk, leading to higher premiums.

Increased Exposure

More time spent on the road also means a higher likelihood of encountering traffic, adverse weather conditions, and other drivers, increasing the chances of accidents.

Mileage Bands

Insurance companies often categorize drivers into mileage bands, such as low-mileage, average-mileage, and high-mileage drivers. Low-mileage drivers may receive more favourable rates as they present a lower risk on the road.

Usage-Based Insurance

Some insurers offer usage-based insurance programs, which use telematics devices or smartphone apps to track your driving behaviour, including mileage. Low mileage and safe driving habits can lead to personalized discounts through this approach.

Vehicle Wear and Tear

Driving more miles can lead to increased wear and tear on your vehicle, potentially affecting its overall condition and, consequently, insurance rates.

To manage your auto insurance rate in Markham, it’s essential to be honest about your commuting distance and annual mileage. If you have a lengthy daily commute, consider exploring usage-based insurance options, maintaining a clean driving record, and comparing quotes from multiple insurance providers to find the best coverage and rates that suit your needs and circumstances.

Fast facts about auto insurance in Markham

Average annual car insurance rate

Regular drivers in the city

Collisions per year (approximately)


Collision rate for the city

Average age

Average household income


Unemployment rate


Understanding car insurance in Markham, Ontario

Markham is an incredibly diverse city that sprouted out of a town north of Toronto. For the purposes of car insurance, it’s important to note that approximately half of the entire workforce commutes outside of the city itself for daily work, which automatically adds a significant amount of road exposure for those drivers.

Since there’s a correlation between kilometres driven per year and the risk of a collision, the car insurance rates for those commuters will be higher than if they worked inside the city. The 404, 407, and Highway 7 all govern traffic in and out of the city, making them hard to avoid.

Having said all of that, Markham’s drivers actually do a pretty good job of minimizing collisions overall (contrary to popular opinion). The collision rate for the entire city is fairly low at 2.61%, which is much, much lower than some other cities in Ontario.

What’s also likely to nudge Markham’s average car insurance rates into the high end of the spectrum is the nature of collisions—health benefits. Treatment and rehabilitation cost much, much more than replacing a car, and Markham’s collision injury rate is second only to Richmond Hill in the entire York Region.

Get your bundle on & save!

Want even cheaper insurance? Save up to 50% on home and up to 18% on car insurance when you bundle them.

Get your bundle on & save!

Want even cheaper insurance? Save up to 50% on home and up to 18% on car insurance when you bundle them.

Busting myths about driving and insurance in Markham

Myth: More accidents happen in Markham, which raises rates.

That’s not really true. While Markham doesn’t have the lowest collision rate of all time, it’s not particularly high, either. Collisions recorded along the highway could inflate that collision count beyond what happens in the city itself, since roughly half of Markham’s workforce commute outside of Markham.

Myth: Markham’s drivers don’t pay attention to the road.

That’s not true, as we can see with the city’s moderate collision rate. However, the rates in Markham are on the high end of the scale for a reason. According to the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, 38.83% of Markham’s collisions result in injury (second only to Richmond Hill in the York Region)—and treating injuries costs a lot more than repairing a car.

Myth: Everybody in Markham commutes to Toronto for work.

While not explicitly true, about half of Markham’s workforce commutes outside of the city itself for work on a daily basis. That doesn’t mean every commuter’s driving into Toronto, but it’s a safe bet that the majority are. Living here means you should have a plan to get downtown, just in case.

Myth: Highway 7 is faster and safer than the 404.

Highway 7 has become notoriously unreliable in Markham for its lack of proper planning, constant construction, and heavy congestion. It’s been part of a wider effort to take Markham’s status from a township to city, but this results in delayed, bumper-to-bumper traffic that facilitates collisions. That’s not good for your spare time or your car insurance rates.

How Markham’s rates compare to other cities in Ontario

  • North York: $4,261
  • Etobicoke: $4,199
  • Brampton: $4,071
  • Scarborough: $3,825
  • East York: $3,605
  • Woodbridge: $3,603
  • Richmond Hill: $3,579
  • Mississauga: $3,473
  • Markham: $3,389
  • Niagara Falls: $3,321
  • Bowmanville: $3,308
  • Peterborough: $3,259
  • Pickering: $ 3,245
  • Newmarket: $ 3,216
  • Hamilton: $3,201
  • Brantford: $ 3,158
  • Maple: $3,150
  • Whitby: $3,087
  • Ajax: $3,053
  • York: $2,999
  • Toronto: $2,983
  • Barrie: $2,924
  • Thornhill: $2,871
  • Waterloo: $2,867
  • Caledon: $2,780
  • London: $2,765
  • Fort Erie: $2,720
  • Oakville: $2,720
  • Sault Ste Marie: $ 2,713
  • Kitchener: $2,705
  • Milton: $2,680
  • St Catharines: $ 2,550
  • Windsor: $2,536
  • Woodstock: $2,513
  • Innisfil: $2,505
  • Burlington: $2,476
  • Kingston: $ 2,360
  • Cambridge: $2,297
  • Oshawa: $2,295
  • Guelph: $2,268
  • Gloucester: $2,256
  • Stoney Creek: $2,222
  • Nepean: $2,196
  • Ottawa: $2,195
  • Sudbury: $2,005
  • Kanata: $2,002
  • Thunder Bay: $1,973
  • Wasaga Beach: $1,958

Quick tips on driving in Markham

Don’t drive on the 404 if you can avoid it.

Markham’s collision rate is moderately low, but a huge amount of collisions in the York Region occur on highways—and approximately half of Markham’s workforce commutes outside of the city for work. That means you’re putting yourself and your insurance rates at a statistically higher rate of experiencing a collision when you drive on the highway, so it’s worth finding another route to work!

Consider installing anti-theft measures in Quantztown homes.

Markham’s crime rates aren’t too high in general, but the York Regional Police’s crime mapping tool shows that Quantztown sees a much higher rate of reports than other neighbourhoods. Parts of Unionville are starting to see a rise in criminal activity too. Break-ins jumped from 477 in 2016 to 714 in 2017 (across the whole city), nearly a 50% increase. Security systems can reduce your rates!

Move to the safest neighbourhoods if possible.

Some of Markham’s neighbourhoods are safer than others, making it worthwhile to prioritize them the next time you need to move. Cornell, Greensborough, and Markham Village are known as some of the safest areas in the city right now.

Lower crime rates and lower claims rates means lower car (and home) insurance rates for you.

If you have to use the 404, make use of the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.

The 404 is an important artery for Markham’s commuters, but it’s also a serious drain on your time, fuel, and even your auto premiums. Carpool with a friend, spouse, or family member if you’re driving into Toronto. Even better: try alternating driving days so that you can reduce your total amount of kilometres driven on an annual basis. That’ll help lower your rates moderately.

Markham Insurance FAQs

How do I get the cheapest car insurance in Markham?

Good news—you can get the cheapest car insurance quotes in Markham (and the rest of Ontario) from an insurance broker, and you’re in the right place to get started! 

Everyone looking for cheaper car insurance should consider getting a quote from a brokerage like aha insurance. We use the information you provide to find the best policy available from our insurance partners. 

We work with top Canadian insurance companies to ensure you pay a competitive price for the coverage you need. Our expert brokers are here to advocate for you anytime you have questions about your coverage, need to update your policy or make a claim. 

You can get a quote from us online or by phone in minutes, and your rate is guaranteed for 30 days! 

What types of auto insurance are offered in Markham?

In Markham, you have access to the same auto insurance options that you have elsewhere in Ontario. By law, every Ontario driver must have:

  • Statutory accident benefits coverage
  • Uninsured vehicle coverage
  • Direct compensation for property damage
  • Third-party liability insurance

In Ontario, you need to have at least $200,000 worth of liability coverage under your auto policy to pay for medical expenses, rehabilitation and legal fees if an accident occurs. We recommend securing a policy with higher liability coverage limits because liability expenses for serious accident injuries can quickly exceed $200,000.

Markham’s accident rates aren’t exceptionally high, but the percentage of accidents that result in injury is significant. Treating accident-related injuries is more expensive than repairing a vehicle. It’s essential to speak with an insurance expert about how much insurance you need to adequately pay for treatment and rehabilitation if someone is injured in an accident.

In Ontario, you can also secure optional increases to your statutory accident coverage to help you and your loved ones recover from an accident, including: 

  • Income replacement benefits
  • Medical, rehabilitation and attendant care benefits
  • Caregiver benefits
  • Housekeeping and home maintenance expenses
  • Benefits to cover death and funeral costs

In addition to accident benefits, you may also want to consider adding collision coverage and comprehensive coverage to your auto insurance policy. Collision and comprehensive insurance are vital for individuals who drive newer, more expensive vehicles, especially those who regularly drive on highways and in busy urban areas, which is common for Markham residents. 

Suppose you couldn’t afford to pay to replace your vehicle or make significant repairs after a major collision or peril such as fire or theft. In that case, you’ll want to explore your collision and comprehensive auto insurance options. 

What factors determine my car insurance rates in Markham?

Your location is just one factor that insurance companies use to determine your auto insurance rates. However, the answers to the following questions can have an even more significant impact on what you pay for insurance: 

  • What’s your age and driving experience? 
  • Do you have accidents or tickets on your Ontario driving record
  • Has there ever been a gap in your auto insurance coverage? 
  • Do you have secondary drivers on your policy?
  • Do you have children who will soon be learning to drive? 
  • How often (and far) do you and other members of your household drive annually? 
  • What type of vehicle do you drive? 
  • What is your insurance deductible? (A lower deductible offers more coverage but will increase your rates)
  • Do you have comprehensive or collision coverage? 
  • Have you bundled your home and auto insurance policies? 

Is it possible to lower the cost of your car insurance in Markham?

It’s always possible to lower the cost of your auto insurance no matter where you live in Ontario. 

The key is to drive and park your vehicle as safely as possible, so claims don’t increase your insurance rates. This is where minimizing the time you spend driving on the 404 and Highway 7 and commuting less by carpooling can help you save. 

Unfortunately, you can’t change your driving record or claims history overnight; it takes time to establish your reputation as a low-risk driver. 

Here are a few additional actions you can take to lower the cost of your car insurance in Markham:

  • While not the most practical solution, moving to a safer neighbourhood like Cornell, Greensborough, and Markham Village can lower your insurance rates when you change your address
  • Choosing a vehicle with a high safety rating can lower your premiums and help you stay safe when you drive into Toronto. 
  • When it’s time to renew your car insurance policy, make sure you get all the discounts you deserve by getting multiple insurance quotes to find the best rates. 

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