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Understanding car insurance in Markham, Ontario

Markham is an incredibly diverse city that sprouted out of a town north of Toronto. For the purposes of car insurance, it’s important to note that approximately half of the entire workforce commutes outside of the city itself for daily work, which automatically adds a significant amount of road exposure for those drivers.

Since there’s a correlation between kilometres driven per year and the risk of a collision, the car insurance rates for those commuters will be higher than if they worked inside the city. The 404, 407, and Highway 7 all govern traffic in and out of the city, making them hard to avoid.

Having said all of that, Markham’s drivers actually do a pretty good job of minimizing collisions overall (contrary to popular opinion). The collision rate for the entire city is fairly low at 2.61%, which is much, much lower than some other cities in Ontario.

What’s also likely to nudge Markham’s average car insurance rates into the high end of the spectrum is the nature of collisions—health benefits. Treatment and rehabilitation cost much, much more than replacing a car, and Markham’s collision injury rate is second only to Richmond Hill in the entire York Region.

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Busting myths about driving and insurance in Markham

Myth: More accidents happen in Markham, which raises rates.

That’s not really true. While Markham doesn’t have the lowest collision rate of all time, it’s not particularly high, either. Collisions recorded along the highway could inflate that collision count beyond what happens in the city itself, since roughly half of Markham’s workforce commute outside of Markham.

Myth: Markham’s drivers don’t pay attention to the road.

That’s not true, as we can see with the city’s moderate collision rate. However, the rates in Markham are on the high end of the scale for a reason. According to the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, 38.83% of Markham’s collisions result in injury (second only to Richmond Hill in the York Region)—and treating injuries costs a lot more than repairing a car.

Myth: Everybody in Markham commutes to Toronto for work.

While not explicitly true, about half of Markham’s workforce commutes outside of the city itself for work on a daily basis. That doesn’t mean every commuter’s driving into Toronto, but it’s a safe bet that the majority are. Living here means you should have a plan to get downtown, just in case.

Myth: Highway 7 is faster and safer than the 404.

Highway 7 has become notoriously unreliable in Markham for its lack of proper planning, constant construction, and heavy congestion. It’s been part of a wider effort to take Markham’s status from a township to city, but this results in delayed, bumper-to-bumper traffic that facilitates collisions. That’s not good for your spare time or your car insurance rates.

How Markham’s rates compare to other cities in Ontario

  • North York: $4,261
  • Etobicoke: $4,199
  • Brampton: $4,071
  • Scarborough: $3,825
  • Woodbridge: $3,603
  • Richmond Hill: $3,579
  • Mississauga: $3,474
  • Markham: $3,389
  • Hamilton: $3,201
  • Ajax: $3,053
  • York: $2,999
  • Toronto: $2,983
  • Barrie: $2,924
  • London: $2,765
  • Oakville: $2,720
  • Kitchener: $2,705
  • Windsor: $2,536
  • Burlington: $2,476
  • Gloucester: $2,256
  • Ottawa: $2,195

Quick tips on driving in Markham

Don’t drive on the 404 if you can avoid it.

Markham’s collision rate is moderately low, but a huge amount of collisions in the York Region occur on highways—and approximately half of Markham’s workforce commutes outside of the city for work. That means you’re putting yourself and your insurance rates at a statistically higher rate of experiencing a collision when you drive on the highway, so it’s worth finding another route to work!

Consider installing anti-theft measures in Quantztown homes.

Markham’s crime rates aren’t too high in general, but the York Regional Police’s crime mapping tool shows that Quantztown sees a much higher rate of reports than other neighbourhoods. Parts of Unionville are starting to see a rise in criminal activity too. Break-ins jumped from 477 in 2016 to 714 in 2017 (across the whole city), nearly a 50% increase. Security systems can reduce your rates!

Move to the safest neighbourhoods if possible.

Some of Markham’s neighbourhoods are safer than others, making it worthwhile to prioritize them the next time you need to move. Cornell, Greensborough, and Markham Village are known as some of the safest areas in the city right now.

Lower crime rates and lower claims rates means lower car (and home) insurance rates for you.

If you have to use the 404, make use of the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.

The 404 is an important artery for Markham’s commuters, but it’s also a serious drain on your time, fuel, and even your auto premiums. Carpool with a friend, spouse, or family member if you’re driving into Toronto. Even better: try alternating driving days so that you can reduce your total amount of kilometres driven on an annual basis. That’ll help lower your rates moderately.

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